Atheism with a conscience

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Digital Self-Defense

Experts in various fields related to technology and intellectual property come together to discuss the art of self-defense on the internet. How do you protect yourself online from all manners of attack, be they hacks or legal threats?

Panelists: Neil Wehneman, Tim Farley, Jason Thibeault, Leigh Honeywell, Ben Blanchard

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Teaching Critical Thinking

How can teachers use their role as educators to instill critical thinking and ideas like rationalism and empiricism? Are such approaches intrinsic to teaching or separate? We could also go into the ethics of where to draw the line between instructing and “preaching” but I’d actually prefer to stick to the praxis and methodology of bringing critical thinking into the classroom. How do we adapt assessments and assignments? How do we model thinking behaviors we’d like to see?

Panelists: Chana Messinger, Hiba Krisht, Matt Lowry, Dan Linford

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Did You Remember Your (Love) Life Vest? Polyamory in the Deep End

At FtBCon 2, we provided a panel on the basics of Skeptics Open Up: Polyamory in the Skeptical Community. Now, we return to the subject of polyamory to delve deeper. For this panel, we assume you have basic knowledge of polyamory, which you can gain from that panel and many other sources.

There’s more to polyamory than managing jealousy, multiple calendars, and safer sex. How do you decide whether and how to share your status as poly with family, co-workers, and other acquaintances? How do you blend family and finances? How do you explain polyamory to the children in your life? We’ll cover all of this and more from a panel with years of successful (and occasionally unsuccessful) polyamory.

Panelists: Neil Wehneman (moderator), Heina Dadabhoy, Danny Samuelson, Wesley Fenza, Miri Mogilevsky, Karen Hill

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Fundraising for a Secular Cause: Because It Takes Money To Change the World

It takes money to scale an organization up from its seeds as a good idea into a major player with local and/or national impact. Organizing a successful conference entails similar costs. But fundraising is hard, and very few people enjoy asking others for money.

This panel will show you not only how to ask people for money, but also to understand who you should be asking in the first place! Presenters range from those serving as volunteer fundraisers for a local group, to organizers of highly successful conferences, to professional staff with responsibility for raising a million-dollar budget.

Panelists: Neil Wehneman (moderator), Amy Boyle, Nick Fish, Maria Greene, Harry Shaughnessy

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Secular Woman: Block Bot and Other Strategies

A brief introduction and history of The Block Bot, a blocking application on twitter, and explanation of the current features. Discussion among Block Bot admins, blockers, and coders about their personal philosophies about blocking, challenges inherent to shared blocking and their answers to some of the common criticisms.

Panelists: Nick Geiger, Vivian, James Billingham, M. A. Melby

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Reasonable Relationships: How Does Our Skepticism Influence our Romantic or Non-Romantic Relationships?

When we form relationships, it’s easy to think that just trusting our feelings is the way to go. This panel discusses how and why to be skeptical about relationships, and goes through some of the common logical fallacies that people make regarding their relationships. We’ll discuss how confirmation bias, wishful thinking, the sunk costs fallacy, and regression to the mean can influence our decisions about who to date, how to date, and when to end things.

Panelists: Wesley Fenza (moderator), Chana Messinger, Franklin Veaux, Miri Mogilevsky


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