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One thought on “Schedule

  1. poxyhowzes says:

    I watched a couple of FtBCon panels for several hours Friday night, and I congratulate everybody for making this into a very good simulacrum of a meat-space Con. (Or what I imagine a MS Con to be, since I don’t attend them.)

    One of the things I want in the future is better multitasking from my keyboard: I want a “submit a question” button that does not take me away from the audio of the panel and does not involve the chat room. I want, during a panel, to be able to click on the conference schedule at Lanyrd and navigate through thatschedule without losing the audio feed and with an easy return to the Con itself. I want to click on a panelist’s name or picture to see that panelist’s profile or C.V., and again, I want to do it without losing the audio feed, and with an easy return to the live feed.

    Now, I’m an old geezer, not particularly savvy in the intertubes, and maybe all my “wants” are available already. But they were not “obviously” available to me tonight. Maybe you want to consider for your next FTBCon a more detailed page on “How to Attend the FTBCon.”

    I especially want, but I think it is not FtB’s responsibility particularly, nor within FtB’s purview, a MUCH, MUCH better visual experience. I want a different visual presentation — not four postage-stamp panelists with one full-screen speaker, but something more like what I would see at a Meat-Space Con. I suggest (but I’m no expert) some kind of wider-screen format where the panel appears in equal-size frames except for the speaker, whose frame should be no more than 1/3 larger. (I like it in Meat Space when the spotlight focuses on the speaker, but the rest of the panel is still visible.)

    Although it is antithetical in some ways to the very idea of an online Con, I want FtBCon to pay a bit more attention in the future to the panelist’s video appearance and ambience, including clothing and visual background. For example, Jason wore a T shirt with a message or a visual on the front, something that distracted me throughout his presentation because I could not read it.

    Miri seemed not to have a top on. Greta’s black-and-white pillow behind her head caused me some concern for her health, but whether “healthy” or not, I think it wouldn’t have distracted me quite so much if it had been a fully black or a fully white pillow. (And yes, I know I may be getting into “shoe” territory here!)

    On Ed’s panel, one of the participants chose, at close of day in his time zone, to appear against an outdoor background, perhaps in the outdoors itself. This worked fine in late afternoon, but most emphatically did NOT work as afternoon became twilight, twilight became dusk, dusk became evening, and evening became night. All those transitions happened during Ed’s panel.

    Jason was in a room whose very narrow door, with three unmatched hooks on the back, left me speculating about why the hooks and why their mismatch. I’m easily distracted, I guess.

    Finally, it was amazingly distracting to me (I wouldn’t have expected it of myself) to see the participants’ video screens reflected in their glasses. Greta and Jason were the worst examples. I can’t help thinking that simply turning or tilting their video screens might alleviate this distraction without significantly impairing the panelist’s to see their own video display. On the other hand, this is an online Con, and maybe I should just get used to it!


    P.S., May I suggest a rather simple solution to the “background” distractions I complain about above?

    o At every office supplies store in the USA, at least, (Staples, for example), they sell tri-fold, white-faced, panels designed for “science-fair” and other tabletop “projects.” That is point number 1.

    o At every Hollywood “red-carpet” affair, stars are always photographed against an advertising background featuring names of the event and some of its sponsors. That is point number 2.

    So, for future FtBCons, ask your panelists to buy a tri-fold screen from their nearest office-supply store (or buy one for them). They supply them with print-out-able artwork that will serve as a suitable (non-distracting) background for their participation in FTBCon videos.


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