Understanding Ex-Muslims

Ex-Muslims hail from different cultures, and just like Muslims they certainly cannot be considered a monolith. But there are still common themes that distinguish the experience of ex-Muslims from those who leave other religions. This inevitably leads to some misconceptions and faulty assumptions on both sides. Sometimes the ex-Muslims do not feel the welcoming embrace of the atheist community; they feel exiled from their own cultures and misunderstood among people who share their new identity. The aim of this panel is to discuss the roots and the causes of these misunderstandings, and to provide a space for ex-Muslims to express themselves and to try and make others in the atheist movement to see religion and the struggle of those who leave it from the point of view of ex-Muslims.

Panelists: Sakeena Almulhida, Heina Dadabhoy, Kaveh Mousavi

Understanding Ex-Muslims

One thought on “Understanding Ex-Muslims

  1. plaineng says:

    Much appreciated the sharing regarding ex-Muslim experience…. Thank-you so much to the presenters… It isn’t at all easy to do this kind of session with technical glitches intruding.

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