Cthulhu’s Minions: Evil Gods for Atheists

This is a conversation about the whole weird phenomenon of atheists who are fascinated by stories of Elder Gods. Why are you into Cthulhu? Why do you think there’s such an audience for it? What is this strange pseudo-religion anyway? How does it relate to freethought, if at all?

Cthulhu’s Minions: Evil Gods for Atheists

3 thoughts on “Cthulhu’s Minions: Evil Gods for Atheists

  1. I came to Lovecraft by reading turn of the century supernatural and horror, and I am wondering why he is elevated above writers like Blackwood, Machen, James, etc. Is it the whole mythos thing bound up in Lovecraft, or is his addition of science fiction? I just don’t understand why all of these great writers have been forgotten while Lovecraft is still so relevant.

    1. Lovecraft might well agree with you. He honors all three of those gentlemen in his classic essay on “Supernatural Horror in Literature”.

      Speaking for myself, I appreciate Lovecraft for finding a way to create horror in a modern, skeptical, rational world. As much as I adore MR James’ quaint ghost stories, the idea of being really afraid of a real ghost is just absurd.

      More prosaically, and for better or worse, Lovecraft now has a posse. He’s gone mainstream. He’s been merchandized, remixed, branded. Everybody on the internet knows that Cthulhu is a big monster like Godzilla.

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