Sex & Skepticism Panel

Sexuality is an area of human experience where pseudoscience and woo frequently prevail. How can skepticism and atheism enhance sex? What are the harms of allowing quackery and unexamined biases into the bedroom? Our panelists have a wide range of experiences with sexuality and skepticism, and their views on these questions will be diverse and thought-provoking.

With Greta Christina, Ginny Brown, Sophie Hirschfeld, Franklin Veaux, and Benny. Moderated by Miri Mogilevsky.

Starting 6 PM CDT!

Sex & Skepticism Panel

4 thoughts on “Sex & Skepticism Panel

  1. I tried opening and closing the browser, both Safari AND firefox. Neither work, the YouTube channel doesn’t work, either. Neither the first session nor the current one are streaming at all. I hope these are going to be posted on YouTube later.

  2. Bhaal says:

    This panel covered a lot of ground, a lot of it applied to me, other things didn’t, but I enjoyed all of it and I’m glad I now know more than I did before watching it.

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