How Do We Find The Sessions?

Since there are a few of us running things, different sessions will stream on different Google+/YouTube channels. Here’s how to figure out where each session will be.

Go to our Lanyrd page to see a list of all the sessions. Each one has its own page; for instance, here’s the page for the Sex & Skepticism panel on Friday night:

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 11.24.20 PM

The part outlined in red is the link to the Google+ profile where that particular session will be streamed. On Friday morning, we’ll post a list of all the sessions along with their Google+ pages so you can find them easily.

During the con, we’ll also be updating you with direct links to the videos via Twitter, Facebook, and this website!

After each session is over, it will almost immediately be saved to the YouTube channel of the person hosting it (the person whose Google+ profile the session was on). It takes a little while for the videos to be processed and posted, so it’s not instant. We’ll update a post with final videos as they become available.

Questions? Let us know!

How Do We Find The Sessions?

4 thoughts on “How Do We Find The Sessions?

  1. BTW if anyone wants an #ftbcon feed with no “BH/@elevatorGATE” or Uberfeminist etc… Just go to Twitter can see it here

    And choose @hashspamkiller favourites as the source… Downside is if it gets to 1000 favs in the day then no more come through until next day. So depends how popular the hash is. So far only a few have been lost for other conferences. Unfortunately no easy way to merge multiple accounts tweets into one widget so this is the only way I can see to do it. Ideal would be to merge the feed of all the hashspam accounts, but Twitter don’t let you do it in the vanilla widget.

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