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How Do We Participate?


Some of you have been wondering how you’ll get to interact with other con attendees and submit questions to speakers. We’ll be using the Pharyngula chat room, located here. Anyone can use the chatroom; you don’t have to make an account first.

Keep in mind that the chat room is moderated, and anyone that the mods decide is being abusive or rude will be banned from the chat. We want this to be a fun and interesting experience for everyone, which means we’ve got no time for trolls!

When submitting questions to session moderators, make sure it’s clear which session your question pertains to, since we’ll occasionally have two sessions going at the same time. We probably won’t be able to ask every question that gets submitted to us, but we’ll do our best.

Leave a comment here, tweet @ftbcon, or post on our Facebook page if you have any questions! We’ll keep you updated if there are any changes to this.

Author: Miri

Student/writer/aspiring therapist. Full of snark. If feminism, atheism, sex positivity, and naughty words offend you, so will I.

2 thoughts on “How Do We Participate?

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