Introducing FtBConscience

FtBCon is a free, online conference organized by the Freethought Blogs network. It will take place on July 19-21, 2013 and will focus on social justice, technology, and the future of the freethought movement. Without travel, registration, or hotel costs, FtBCon will be accessible to freethinkers around the world. Conference sessions will be held through Google+ hangouts, and attendees will have the opportunity to interact with each other in chat rooms and to submit questions to moderators.

We are currently assembling our schedule. If you or your organization are interested in participating, submit your session ideas for consideration by e-mailing PZ Myers with a proposal.

In the meantime, please like our page on Facebook and RSVP attending to our Facebook event! If you’re tweeting about FtBCon, just use the hashtag #ftbcon.

Here’s a preview of our speakers list:

  • PZ Myers
  • Ed Brayton
  • Crommunist
  • Jason Thibeault
  • Ashley Miller
  • Kate Donovan
  • Miri Mogilevsky
  • Greta Christina
  • Richard Carrier
  • Avicenna Last
  • Aron Ra
  • Jeremy Beahan
  • Jamila Bey
  • Ginny Brown
  • Ania Bula
  • David Brin
  • Eneasz Brodski
  • Ian Bushfield
  • Chris Clarke
  • James Croft
  • Heina Dadabhoy
  • JT Eberhard
  • Dan Fincke
  • Debbie Goddard
  • Julia Galef
  • Nicole Harris
  • Rebecca Hensler
  • Greg Laden
  • Robin Marty
  • Glendon Mellow
  • Aoife O’Roirdan
  • Beth Presswood
  • Kim Rippere
  • Amy Roth
  • Jacques Rousseau
  • Desiree Schell
  • David Silverman
  • Xavier Trapp
  • Rebecca Watson
  • Eliezer Yudkowsky
  • Bora Zivkovic
  • …with more to be announced!
Introducing FtBConscience

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